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YGOPro Salvation Server Current Staff

Adam Parker Quality Assurance
Adriano Soares Senior Software Developer
Alex "Tsundere" Quality Assurance
Andry "Dragunlegend" Duarte Quality Assurance
Azaad "WestCoastKiwi" Zimmermann Quality Assurance
Junior Developer
"OneShot" Software Engineer
"Chibi Chan Nyan" Senior Software Engineer
Senior Database Administrator
System Administator
"Freezy" Artist
"Twinkle" Junior Software Engineer
Web Designer
"OmniMage" Junior Software Engineer
System Administrator
Jesse "Reach" System Administrator
Graphic Designer
Community Managment
"Guybrush" Junior Software Engineer
Bonnie "Laughing Luna" Quality Assurance
"Black Ballista" Quality Assurance
"Ragna" Quality Assurance
"Parry Dox" Graphic Designer
Ferrin "Irate" Braatz Senior Software Engineer
"Vyro" Server Administrator
Jeff "Stormwolf" Falberg Server Administrator
Senior Database Administrator
"Dark Magician Girl", "Mele" Human Resources
Chief Server Administrator
Project Planning
Jamezs "AccessDenied" Gladney Owner
Chief Server Architect
Chief Launcher Architect

YGOPro Fluorohydride

Argon Sun Chief Architect
"VanillaSalt" Senior Software Engineer
"Salix5" Senior Software Engineer
"Sidschingis" Senior Software Engineer
DevPro Chief Architect
nekrozar Software Engineer (Scripting)
DailyShana Software Engineer
Tianchenglipu Software Engineer
Steeldarkeagel Junior Software Engineer (Scripting)
Lsty Junior Software Engineer (Scripting)
YuGiOhMoDDeR Junior Software Engineer (Scripting)
Mercury233 Junior Software Engineer (Scripting)
Senior Server Architect at OCGSoft
zh99998 Senior Software Engineer
Senior Server Architect at OCGSoft

DevPro Collaborators

Buttys Senior Software Engineer (Retired)

Special Thanks

"Rainbow Dashley Community Liason
Crimson Wind Acadamy Emergency Funding
Amanda Lapalme Artist
"Nhadala", "CounterstrikerGS" Greek Translation
"Aki" Turkish Translation
IceYGO Creator of Windbot
Senior Server Server Architect (YGOSharp)
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Game Settings

Auto Placement will have the game automaticlly pick where cards are placed.

If Auto Placement is on, you can randomize it.

If you selected multiple cards in response to a chain suggestion. You may have the game automatically pick the resolution order. If Auto Placement is on, you can randomize it.

No (obvious) Delay for Chains, add additional pauses to game play to spook your opponent.

Launcher Settings

Duel Spectate
Card Types
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